mcafee total protection

Mcafee Total Protection :The Best Antivirus

Mcafee Total Protection offers security and password management for all your devices. Get protection for your system from its webpade.Download the Mcafee software.

What is McAfee Total Protection?

One of McAfee‘s premium antivirus software is McAfee Total Protection that provides us with different tools to take out all kinds of old and new viruses and malware from the computer.
McAfee Total Protection also safeguards your system from the various viruses, Trojans, etc. without decreasing the performance or battery of the computer.
It gives an all-around security solution, two-way firewall protection and any more tools for enhanced security.
There are various kinds of tools that help your system to ensure your computer doesn’t get corrupted, less or minimal chances of hacking takes place, your personal identity is kept confidential and children can’t get access to inappropriate content.
Mcafee Total Protection provides safeguard against malware, spyware and other online threats.

What does McAfee Total Protection Include? (Tools)

  1. Antivirus: Protecting the system from Malware and other viruses is the primary function of the Antivirus software. Therefore, McAfee includes Malware Protection. (We will discuss it later in detail)
  2. Secure VPN: VPNs are responsible for the online Identity and data protection. All the versions of McAfee Antivirus contain VPN functionality. Because of various kinds of cyber-threats posed to our online data and identity every day, VPNs have become very crucial and have gained a lot more popularity. VPNs are now the part of nearly all popular antivirus suites in the market including Bitdefender.
  3. Safe Web Browsing: Safe Web Browsing includes the tools to protect the users from all kinds of online scams like phishing. This feature isn’t something exclusive to McAfee. All other antiviruses too contain this software.
  4. Identity Theft Protection:McAfee Total Protection comes with tools to protect your online identity (If there is any threat left after McAfee VPN). This is a basic feature offered by most antiviruses and they all work fine.
  5. Encrypted Storage: McAfee Total Protection features an encrypted storage to protect your data from unwanted prying eyes. It locks the drive of your choice with a password so only you would be able to access the drive and its files. Though this feature isn’t exclusive to McAfee as most admirable antiviruses too contain this software, it is a useful addition.

McAfee Total Protection - What You Should Know ?


  • Security for every device in your household
  • No-limits VPN
  • Excellent phishing protection
  • Identity monitoring
  • Identity theft insurance at top tier
  • Broad feature set


  • One antivirus lab failure
  • File encryption feature at end of life
  • Dueling identity monitors confusing
  • Some features currently not working
  • Parental control limited and ineffective